Mayra For Pacifica City Council District 1

Mayra Campaign Profile photo

Meet Mayra

I have lived in Pacifica for over 30 years and want to represent the city’s most diverse residents—those in District 1.

This district has the city’s largest concentration of people from different cultural backgrounds, income levels, and housing experiences.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Computer Programming, I moved to Pacifica.

As an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, I worked hard to learn English and reinvent myself here.

I am an assistant instructor for the business division at Skyline Community College. I love helping people who are trying to better themselves and who love learning.

In 2005, I started my own business as a real estate broker. During the foreclosure economic crisis, I assisted homeowners with loan modifications and helped my neighbors save their homes from foreclosure.

In 2020, we had our first district elections. I decided to run to represent my community, but sadly, I lost by just 14 votes. Nevertheless, I feel like a winner because I dared to step forward, gained the support of my community, and learned a lot about my community.

I am running again to bring responsible representation to the city council. I want to be a voice for my community and bring balance, transparency, equity, and inclusion to the council.

After knocking on doors and volunteering in our neighborhood, I saw problems and heard concerns.

As a woman living on a single income, I know what it takes to struggle for a better life.

I want to bring your voice and concerns to Pacifica’s City Council to make a positive difference in our community. I will represent all the people in my district, engage with my neighbors, and be available to all Pacifica residents.